Harga bitz token (bz), grafik, kap pasar, dan metrik lainnya



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baocaobtn.vnfounded in 2016 in British Virgin Islands, is one of the most popular digital assets trading exchanges. baocaobtn.vn has established branches in 10 countries and regions including Singapore, nhật bản và South Korea. Tokeninsight, the professional assessment agency, ranks baocaobtn.vn as the fourth in the world. baocaobtn.vn team includes top talent from the international digital currency industry, as well as diversified professionals in various fields such as finance, social networking, games, & electric commerce. baocaobtn.vn is committed to lớn providing the most efficient & secure service.

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Trading pairs


VTC trading was opened with the increase of over 451% within 10 minutes.


7*24 online customer service


Multilingual communication


One to one service for VIP


Efficient withdraw experience


điện thoại tư vấn service for withdrawal

In 2018, baocaobtn.vn began its global strategic layout and has expanded khổng lồ ten countries and regions around the world; At present, 70% of the baocaobtn.vn traders are distributed overseas, mainly in nhật bản, Singapore, South Korea, France, nước Australia, và the United States.

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Market performanceLanding scene

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Technical review

Risk assessment

Contract guarantee

Code review

Prospect forecast

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User expectation value

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năm 2016 12baocaobtn.vn team was established formally, aiming to lớn be a leading international digital assets trading exchanges

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