About cluey


The Cluey Data Collector and Tracking app is a hàng hóa of Sensing Clues Foundation. The following people và organisations have contributed to its development:



DIKW Intelligence BV

Hugo of DIKW Intelligence

frontier oost bv

Jan-Kees Schakel

Jimmy of frontier oost


Marteo of frontier oost

MarkLogic Inc.




Noun Project: bee by Bryn Taylor; cattle by Agniraj Chatterji; Pangolin by Coret Steyn; chicken and cheep by Symbolon; Vulture by Matt Dean; Falcon from Martina Krasnayová; Stork by Arthur Lacôte; Woodpecker by Dolly Holmes; Raven by Botho Willer; Owl by Mirshka; Hole by Left Martinez; Listen by ProSymbols; hair by Daniela Baptista; Hole by Left Martinez; pork by Rfourtytwo; Goat by Yu luck; Horse by Hea Poh Lin; Camel by Samsul Rizal; bullet shot by walkerstudio13; Car Accident by Lauren Frager; big fish by Delwar Hossain; Eagle by Yuriy Obodnikov; snake head by Vectors Market; oto crash by Olivier Guin; bridge by rdftgzikp; drainage pipe by ProSymbols; Radioactive Waste by Gan Khoon Lay; cleaning by Adrien Coquet; Checkmenu by Delwar Hossain; fur by Sarah; male hair by IcoLabs; Sound by Kantor Tegalsari; Horse Kicking Human by Gan Khoon Lay; bed bug by Michael Thompson; Dead Bird by Dima Gavrikov; Rhinoceros by ProSymbols; Basilisk Fang by Polimãng cầu Raevskaya; tap water by Francesca Ameglio; man beating stray dog by Gan Khoon Lay; abused dog by Gan Khoon Lay; killing stray dog by Gan Khoon Lay; Axe pháo by Vectorstall; Rabbit by David; mèo wounded by Richard Nixon; Flower by Gilbert Bages; Scorpio by iconsmind.com; boar by Hugo RICHIR; roông chồng by Michael Rojas; Badger by Jennifer; Badger by Luiz Carvalho; hare by Ludovic Riffault; Hamster by Anthony Ledoux; Bullet by Pondok Multimedia; Bat by flamingo; berries by Manoj Raj; banana by Nikita Kozin; honey by ibrandify; secure by Andrejs Kirma; disapointed by Vectors Market; Security Remove sầu by iconsmind.com; vegetables by Georgiana Ionescu; bush by Laymik; herb by mambu; gorilla by Hamza Wahbi; chimpanzee by HeadsOfBirds from the Noun Project; Pangolin by Coret Steyn, entry by Sophia Bai, Machete by Kieu Thi Kyên ổn Cuong, Land Mine by Luis Pravị, monkey by M. Turan Ercan, cutting woods by ProSymbols, peppers by Les vieux garçons, nuts by Sneha Cecil, Cow Footprint by Gan Khoon Lay, Lemur by Christy Presler, Rodent by Jachồng Zwanenburg, monkey by Iconic, Gazelle by Mood Design Studio, Deer by m. turan ercanfrom the Noun Project.

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