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Converting shale oil lớn usable material takes a labor-intensive process that"s very environmentally damaging.
The advantage of thử nghiệm scores is that they are not labour-intensive và tests can be easily administered khổng lồ large groups.
Some labour-intensive tasks saw no mechanisation at all until very recently, most notably in routine hedging & ditching and in materials handling around the farmstead.
Machine-based mass production was overwhelmingly dominant in the major factories, & labour-intensive sầu production retained a practical meaning only in combination with machine use.
The economic niche for medic pasture has been limited by (1) low farm wages favouring labour-intensive high-value crops and (2) price subsidies for wheat.
With adequate technical assistance, credit & kinh doanh, small farmers could diversify inkhổng lồ other labour-intensive crops such as vegetables, rice và tubers.
The expanded vegetable và other labour-intensive crops would replace part of the traditional crops as a source of cash income.
The existence of substitution allows an even greater reduction in marginal cost in each time period, as fishermen substitute more labour-intensive gears.
Their heavy consumption, while their occupations were less labour-intensive, reflected conservative nutritional strategies.
In regions of tropical rainforest, maintaining the quality of agricultural land & increasing its area are labour-intensive activities (for example, forest needs khổng lồ be cleared).
Addressing poverty through other means - most notably by encouraging labour-intensive growth - thus must be an integral part of any solution.
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An area of lvà or a place that is sun-baked is very dry & obviously receives a lot of sun.

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