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Receiving paper in return for taxes was the mechanism conceived by the government khổng lồ enforce acceptance of the peso as legal tender.
Strictly speaking, the gold, silver & copper coins issued by the federal government, together with selected foreign specie, were the only legal tender.
Despite their heterogeneous appearance, local tokens in circulation were convertible lớn legal tender available over a broad area.
Despite the growth of state banks, sovereignty was lớn be undivided in the matter of the issue of legal tender.
In principle, there is much to lớn be said for one phối of notes circulating as legal tender as at present.
His speech was most illuminating about the value of certain coins which are still legal tender, although not in current use to any wide extent.
Like the present penny và threepenny bit, it will be legal tender & current coin for the duration of the changeover period.
They would be covered by legal tender, non-interest-bearing paper, instead of interest-bearing paper, and there is nothing wrong with that.
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