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We are Thang và Dung Phung Dinc brothers from Hanoi, Vietphái mạnh. During the day, we work full time for professional movies and Clip game studquả táo, but during the night, we turn indie developers & work on our own games.

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I, Thang, am the elder of the two and am a programmer. I bởi vì all the coding for our games. I used to work for Rare Ltd on Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolt & Kinect Thể Thao series, then moving on khổng lồ Voofoo Studios as my current daytime job where I have sầu released many multi platkhung games lượt thích Pure Pool, Pure Hold’em, Mantis Burn Racing.

Dung is my younger brother and quite luckily he is not interested in programming lượt thích me but he likes 3 chiều art instead. So this would make us a perfect brothers team of one programmer và one artist passionate about making their own game. Dung started out working for Rare as well but then moved to lớn the movie industry, working for London’s Double Negative on special effects for 007: Skyfall, John Carter and Snow White & the Huntsman. He now runs his own 3D studio, Thunder Cloud, working with a team of 15 on countless other games.

In 2012, after having created many little hobby games purely as the result of our joy for “making our own games”, we decided lớn go for it & make “real” games to sell & maybe earn some money. We decided that we were not going khổng lồ follow the trover at the time which was creating quick/cheap sản phẩm điện thoại games. We wanted to lớn create very high quality games, on par with professional titles. However, for a team of just 2 who had other full time job commitments, this would be unrealistic so we decided that we would focus almost all of our efforts in the core gameplay only và make our games as perfect as possible.

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So we set out lớn work on our first game, Tank Brawl. Fueled by enthusiasm we worked on the game whenever we found không tính phí time, whether it was in the evening after our full time job, deep inlớn the night or the whole day during some short public holidays. After nearly a year, the game was finished with a quality that we were satisfied with và released on Ipad. However the game didn’t sell well for reasons that we still don’t fully know. This put us off the “creating our own game” thing for about 2 years.

Then around năm ngoái, we both moved baông xã khổng lồ our home base in Hanoi. While still working full-time, we decided that we would go for it again và re-released Tank Brawl with many added features và polishes on Steam. Since being released on Steam in May 2016, it has received many positive criticism and many people lượt thích it. Although it has not been a massive hit or earned us any money comparable lớn our full-time job, it has renewed our enthusiasm.

During this time, I had an idea of a gameplay mechanic that was based on my favourite childhood toy called Big Trak, a programming rover. We started working on our second game “Jump, Step, Step” which would be an innovative relaxing puzzle game. The game was quickly Greenlit on Steam and went on lớn release in March 2017. Around the same time, we secured our slot for it in Xbox One marketplace, và released it on the Xbox on 11 Aug. A quirky but clever game, it has received quite positive sầu review by players of the game.

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