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Phung Thi Ly, MD Obstetrician và Gynecologist at International Hospital since 2013.

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Dr. Ly has over 9 years’ experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, surgery & inpatient ward. In addition, she also has a wealth of experience of female diseases, certification of basis Obstetrics and Gynecology ultrasound


From 2010 to lớn 2013 studied lượt thích resident of Obstetrics và Gynecology in Hue medical và Pharmacy University, Joined consultation room & surgery at Hue OBs và Gyns Center Hospital & Hue medical and pharmacy university hospital.

From 2013 till now Woman Healthcare Center at International Hospital

Risk of the coronary heart disease in the next 10 year in accordance with The Framingmê say Scale and some related factors in adult at Hue Medical & Pharmacy University Hospital (2010)

Studying of complication and Quality of life in women after complete hysterectomy (2013)

Fetal ultrasound

Fetal examination and monitoring

Prenatal diagnosis và pregnancy management

Examination & treatment for uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, urinary incontinence, premenopausal & menopausal syndromes

Prenatal diagnosis & screening, genetic diseases

Gynecological disease treatment and examination

Cervical erosion treatment and polypectomy

Colposcopy, sample collecting for tests

Gynecoxúc tích và ngắn gọn surgery consultation

Contraceptive sầu method consultation

Laparoscopic gynecosúc tích surgeries: Ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids.

Adolescent reproductive health care và consultation

Premarital health consultation and examination


Dr. Ly graduated Gerneral Practitioner from Hue Medical & Pharmacy University at 2010

Graduated excellent Residence with major Obstetrics & Gynecology from Hue Medical & Pharmacy University at 2013

Usually joining basic course as well as enhance course in Vietphái nam and international to update knowledge.

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