Swerve là gì

If you do not swerve sầu from a principle or certain actions, you continue to lớn think or act as you did in the beginning:

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If a pet dog ran into the street and a cycdanh sách swerved, there might be some reasonable apprehension that that cyclist might be injured.
One could never imagine his being swerved from what he thought lớn be right by any personal consideration or any private prejudice.
Perhaps due to the weight, when the brakes of the lorry were put on the trailer swerved round & went inkhổng lồ a form of skidding.
At the last moment the coach driver swerved into the path of an on-coming lorry & collided with it.
The car swerves to lớn avoid them, and probably suffers a very much worse accident in its career across the road.
If they are full of potholes, cyclists will be swerving lớn avoid the bumps và there will be accidents.
The second course is for the gas boards khổng lồ slow down their move away from coal without swerving from their path towards greater technical efficiency.
Where that has happened, local authorities in many cases have swerved away, & consequently the public interest has not been served.
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khổng lồ give something, especially money, in order lớn provide or achieve something together with other people

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