Jangan tertipu! kata ojk ada 19 penjual bitcoin bodong


Project: Ucoin cryptocurrency is meant for investments, savings, trading and daily payments. It is claimed to lớn be supported by 6 separate asphối classes — global equities, corporate bonds, precious metals, different kinds of commodities, real estate & cryplớn investments. The project is built on the Ethereum blockchain & developed by Universal Coin International Company. The goal of the project is lớn establish a diversified asphối ecosystem promoting value and liquidity for its coin users on a global scope. The users will have sầu access khổng lồ the integration of smart contracts và security biometric system ensuring transparency on the platsize and accessibility of the contracts to lớn all the participants.

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Country: British Virgin Islands

Analog: DigixDAO (native sầu tokens are supported by gold).

How they differ from the competitors: supported by 6 separate asmix classes.

Date of ICO: Pre-ICO is ongoing till November 30 / ICO is scheduled on December 1 — December 31, 2018.

Token price: 1 UCOIN = 1 USD.

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Purchase: accepted currencies — ETH, BTC, Fiat; minimum purchase — 100 USD; restricted areas — USA, China, Singapore.

What their token gives you: utility token.

What will happen khổng lồ tokens: the total supply is limited lớn 5 billion coins. Tokens will be distributed in 30–365 days after completion of ICO.

Token allocation:

10% — token sale;

90% — N/A.

How much they want lớn raise on ICO: 500 million USD

Where the money will go:

- operational;

- technical development;

- innovations;

- marketing;

- management;

- general operating of Ucoin.


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