Mã bưu chính 63 tỉnh thành việt nam (zip postal code) 2021


What is Vietnam Postal code ( zip code )?

Firstly, the postal code of Vietnam or Vietnam Zip code is a string of letters, numbers or combinations of them. Which is added to lớn the mailing address to lớn automatically determining the final destination of mails or parcels sent overseas? Each country has its system of postal code symbols. Each postal code in a country, denotes a quality postal territory.

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Secondly, the postal code in Vietnam is a 6-digit number sequence. The first two digits identify the name of a province or city directly under the central government, the next two digits identify the district code, district, town, cities under provinces.

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And the next number identifies wards, communes và towns and the last number identifies the specific hamlet, hamlet, street or object.

Thirdly, Vietnam does not have a national postal code. When you need to send or receive parcels & stubs, you can fill direct the postal code of the province/city in which you live. On this page will give you the exact postal code for the 63 provinces và cities in the country. According to lớn the Vietnam Post Corporation of Vietnam.

Zip Postal code of 63 provinces & cities in Vietnam

1An Giang province900000
2Bac Kan province230000
3Bac Giang province260000
4Bac Lieu province970000
5Bac Ninh province160000
6Ben Tre province860000
7Binh Dinh province550000
8Binh Duong province750000
9Binh Phuoc province670000
10Binh Thuan province770000
11Ca Mau province980000
12Can Tho province940000
13Cao Bang province210000
14Da Nang city500000
15Dak Lak province630000 - 640000
16Dak nống province650000
17Dien Bien city320000
18Dong Nai province760000
19Dong Thap province810000
20Gia Lai province610000 - 620000
21Ha Giang province200000
22Ha nam giới province180000
23Ha Tinh province450000 - 460000
24Hai Duong province030000
25Hai Phong city040000 - 050000
26Ha Noi capital100000 - 140000
27Hau Giang province950000
28Hoa Binh province360000
29Ho chi Minh city700000 - 740000
30Hung Yen province170000
31Khanh Hoa province570000
32Kien Giang province910000 - 920000
33Kon Tum province600000
34Lai Chau province300000
35Lam Dong province660000
36Lang Son province250000
37Lao Cai province310000
38Long An province820000 - 830000
39Nam Dinh province070000
40Nghe An province430000 - 440000
41Ninh Binh province080000
42Ninh Thuan province590000
43Phu Tho province350000
44Phu Yen province560000
45Quang Binh province470000
46Quang phái mạnh province510000 - 520000
47Quang ngai rồng province530000 - 540000
48Quang Ninh province010000 - 020000
49Quang Tri province480000
50Soc Trang province960000
51Son La province340000
52Tay Ninh province800000
53Thai Binh province060000
54Thai Nguyen province240000
55Thanh Hoa province400000 - 420000
56Hue city490000
57Tien Giang province840000
58Tra Vinh province870000
59Tuyen quang đãng province220000
60Vinh Long province850000
61Vinh Phuc province150000
62Vung Tau city780000
63Yen Bai province330000

Postal code of Saigon districts

1District 1710000
2District 2711000
3District 3724000
4District 4728000
5District 5727000
6District 6731000
7District 7729000
8District 8730000
9District 9712000
10District 10725000
11District 11726000
12District 12715000
13Binh Thanh Dist723000
14Phu Nhuan Dist722000
15Tan Binh Dist721000
16Tan Phu Dist720000
17Binh tan Dist719000
18Thu Duc Dist713000
19Go Vap Dist714000
20Hoc mon Dist717000
21Cu bỏ ra Dist716000
22Binh Chanh Dist718000
23Nha Be Dist732000
24Can Gio Dist733000

Zip code of Hanoi urban districts

1Ba Binh district111000
2Tay Ho district112000
3Cau Giay district113000
4Thanh Xuan district114000
5Dong da district115000
6Hai tía Trung district116000
7Hoang Mai district117000
8Hoan Kiem district110000
9Long Bien district118000
10Bac Tu Liem district119000
11Nam Tu Liem district120000
12Ha Dong district121000

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